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Steps to Marketing a Food Product with Added Value.

By: Katia Serracín de Roner / CEO Panama Gourmet


I am frequently approached by people asking: How should do to introduce and market a food product on the market? To which I reply, what kind of product you want to elaborate?

There really is not a formula that is followed to step exactly. Everything is going according to product, market, competition and other multiple factors which will determine the fate of a product.

Now; I have to note that there are important things you must know and own and our customers experience with us processing, then write.

First of all, it should be clear that any product that is not today “hits it” market. With so much variety on the shelves, the color palette opens endless possibilities to customer. Choose one product over another, without ever having tasted today is difficult. Therefore, to at least consider the possibility of creating a new product, you have to be very focused. Many times we cover what we can neither cuddle. Observe the environment is paramount; and do the exercise in reverse is highly profitable. What do you want, or search my potential customer? Want my client a product I offer? I will continue to buy again and again? How much competition do I have and that others do not I offer. It is an innovative product?

Consider that the product is different from the existing supply, your image will concorde market and an investment is made in tastings and advertising. It is likely that this place is a step above with respect to competition; however, is not a magic wand that will lead to success.

So where does the success of a product is based? Success “could be” in the approach of the environment and not in the focus of the product itself. And why “could”? simple; that the environment may also change. Then we could say that the recipe is to look closely, organoleptically speaking, our environment. Taste, smell, touch, see, then …. innovate! Indispensable ingredients for success.

Where all this leads us? Towards an unparalleled adventure. Returning to the beginning of this article. A key question: How do I enter and market a product on the market? If we assume that we already have a “purported prescription” (mom’s recipe), we must realize that we must industrialize. Our mothers do not use weights or exact measurements (at least not mine); only his taste, his good hand and love.

To industrialize a product, you must have adequate infrastructure and certified by the Ministry of Health. They can start writing the business plan based on the build or equip a space for the processing plant and get the money for it. But if you want to start slowly and take more measured risks, there are other options as it is seeking a maquiladora. What is a maquiladora? They are factories processing products to third parties. In food item, at Panama the options are not as extensive, but there are. If you decide to take this option, the first step is to sign a Confidentiality Agreement. The inventor of the recipe should be aware that the product will take an adjustment process and probably not 100% same as the original (in some cases). Laboratory tests and the product are made, step by step, under the direction of a Food Engineer, who also weigh each ingredient to get the formula that will guarantee a product that will always keep the same characteristics is developed.

Given that we have already chosen the packaging container, followed vital steps, including: The Health Registry, the Nutrition Facts and equally important, the design of the label. The image bearing product sales is a key factor, but the distribution of information accord with the standards for labeling of Codex Alimentarius is critical, especially if the product is thought to internationalize. It should work well from the beginning. The designer responsible for making the decals art must know the rules governing labeling internationally and documented based on the requirements for a label of a food product. On this specific point, the designer should not invent, but the distribution and meet required standards and plasmarle an image to the product on this basis.

Once the product is ready with due registration, the next step ….. Marketing! Marketing has its people. We must be in love with the product, I know him well, believe in it and even dream about it. Thus, the information supplied, flows easily. All things to say about him either mouth, through the web or in print media advertising, radio or TV, will be of benefit or harm to the product and therefore for the race to success or failure in the local market or international.

Panama is a very special market. Well … All markets are! But Panama is really special. We played one Pailita and form the tamborito. My recommendation: Develop a marketing plan for the introduction and distribution of the product and the approach depends if it comes to a Retail Market, Institutional (Food Service) or both. Should structure a real plan, where the potential sales growth forecast, trends, market share is defined, among others.

The path taken by a defendant “of the idea to create” product does not carry a single direction. We must be alert to changes; the new; The chest beating as having an innovative and unique product will be only the beginning. Do not take someone copy it, and say you do not know but like ours, nor has the same quality, we will remove a portion of the market. So, keep innovating and innovating and innovating.

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