Our pickled Pixbae is a preserve with steamed peach palm fruit, cut in half and immersed in a sweet and sour pickle, prepared with natural ingredients with no preservatives nor chemical substances. The product is prepared with the highest standards of quality, protecting the basic properties of the fruit itself that are conserved with high percentages.


The Pixbae is a tropical fruit that is encountered abundantly in mountain regions and remote areas of our country. It has been recognized by renowned chefs as “the noble Panamanian fruit,” because 92% of its skin, pulp and seed are usable.

The Pixbae also has a high nutritional value since it contains Vitamin A, Thiamin, Riboflavin (excellent for the blood), Niacin (very good supplement to keep good eyesight), Ascorbic acid, calcium and other nutrients. Because of its high fiber content, the fruit permits the body to evacuate adequately.

Analysis performed by experts has confirm that as food, it is the tropical fruit that is the most balanced and the most nourishing, because it contains more protein than the avocado, has twice the protein value of the banana and its nutritional value is comparable to the hen’s egg but without the cholesterol Click here for more information about the Pixbae.

PACKAGE: This product is currently presented in a 15 ounce glass jars, vacuum sealed and packed in boxes with 24 units for distribution.

INGREDIENTS: Peach palm fruit (Pixbae), water, sugar cane vinegar, sugar, salt and sweet pepper.

IMPORTANT: HACCP Plan (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

Our product “Pixbae Panama Gourmet” has this plan and the proper US FDA (United States Food & Drug Administration) certification. 

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